Ah, Budapest: that much-loved city right in the heart of Europe. Cheap rents and even cheaper beer have been drawing nomads to the home of the old Magyar kings for years now, which means there has to be oodles of great cafes and tea houses to settle down in with the laptop for the day. Right? Right. Here are six of our favourite cafes for working in Budapest…

Kelet Café – One of the top cafes for working in Budapest

If immersing yourself in rooms of dusty tomes and towering bookshelves is your idea of getting the creatuve juices flowing, then it’s likely you’ll be able to banish the writer’s block at Kelet Café. Yep, this cool and indelibly local coffee shop on the southern edge of the Citadella (on the Buda side of the city) is actually more of a bookshop than a café, although you wouldn’t think it with coffee so good! There’s some outdoor seating for those summertime lunch breaks, good internet, and a range of healthy breakfasts and brunch dishes to boot. All in all a solid number on lists of cafes for working in Budapest.

Bartók Béla út 29, +36 20 456 5507

Cafes for working in Budapest
Budapest | © Crabs Move Sideways

Brios kavezo

A charming little eatery come café nestled in the up-and-coming streets of hip District XIII (Ujlipotvaros), Brios kavezo can be found spilling out onto the roadside during the summer months. For workers it’s a great option all-year, thanks to the quick internet connection and great breakfast deals – the perfect way to start a day of internet work at the lappy. Lunch time also promises a medley of healthy salads and bagels, while the Italian-roasted brews hit the caffeine-needy spot. And if there had to be a downside? It’d have to be the limit spaces. It’s cosy.

Pozsonyi út 16, +36 1 794 6262

Madal Café

Espresso maestro’s first, all other things second – The folk over at Madal prioritise that hit of caffeine above all else. That makes it a great option for nomads who like to pull all-day sessions in the same spot, from early on. You can settle in the calm and cool interior and start typing away beneath the relaxing bar lights and timber walls, enjoying speedy internet and comfy seating. And when lunchtime swings around, be sure to check out the offering of filled breads and healthy paninis. The location on Hollan Erno is perhaps the best outlet of this one. There’s another in downtown at Ferenciek tere 3 – but that can be one of the busiest cafes for working in Budapest when crowds pick up in summer.

Hollán Ernő u. 3, +36 20 281 9691

best cafes for working in Budapest
Budapest | © Jorge Franganillo/Flickr

Piccolo Café

Piccolo Café is a mainstay of the Budapest coffee scene, and a casual and chilled addition to lists of cafes for working in Budapest (it might just be a tad small for pulling an all-dayer). That said, with its cosy interior and small upstairs seating area, it’s a great place to drop in to send an email or two in the morning or afternoon. Add to that the company of the resident pup, Pocock, a medley of super-tasty sourdough sandwiches, and a prime location just around the corner from Oktogon (one of the central nerves of Budapest’s metro system).

Jókai tér 6, +36 70 773 2171


Complete with swish matt black exteriors and chic modern furnishings, Konyha is one for the nomads who like to work in style. Head into the location on the edge of Madách Imre and enjoy some of their bespoke coffees by morning, moving onto the regularly changing menu of meticulously crafted lunch plates by afternoon. Of course, there’s speedy internet and plenty of nooks and crannies with people watching views over the pavement to boot.

Madách Imre út 8, +36 1 322 5274

My Little Melbourne Coffee and Brew Bar

Also on Madách Imre is where nomads in Budapest will discover the tight-knit rooms of the My Little Melbourne Coffee and Brew Bar. This stripped-down joint of hipster overtones specialises primarily in delivering great coffee. The beans are all hand selected and the brewing methods range from traditional French presses to new-fangled injectors and the like. Inside, there’s hardly seating in abundance, but there are some great window benches which offer prime people watching over the streets – perfect when the snow’s falling in the winter. 

Madách Imre út 3, +36 70 394 7002

If you can think of any more awesome cafes for working in Budapest then we’d love to hear about them in the comments below – we know just how many sweet places there are in this city full of surprises!