Poros island is a beautiful retreat located in southern Attica in the Saronic Gulf. It’s only an hour ferry ride from the Greek capital, which makes it a perfect weekend destination not only for Athenians but also tourists landing in Athens. Although the island is not large, it has a lot to offer: From historical sights to beautiful sandy coves. We found a couple of Poros beaches that we simply loved. Check them out…

Poros Beaches
Love Bay, Poros | © Crabs Move Sideways

Love Bay – the best of all Poros beaches?

This charming bay is located around four kilometres west of Poros town and can be easily accessed by car or bike. It’s a small sandy beach surrounded by pine trees and lapped by crystal-clear waters. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful Poros beaches. Due to its fame and size, Love bay can get quite crowded in the summer. We found it late in the season, almost totally abandoned and peppered with a few free sun loungers. (Here’s a shout out to the smiling Greek man who said we could use them!).

Poros Beaches
Askeli Beach | © Crabs Move Sideways

Askeli beach

Askeli is a Blue Flag beach located only about two kilometres to the north east of Poros town. It’s golden sands and turquoise waters make it one of the most popular of Poros beaches. It’s very lively, with lots of tavernas, bars, hotels and shops in its vicinity. It has spectacular views of the open sea and Greek islands in the distance, and sometimes the waves can get up for some refreshing evening swims.

Monastiri beach

This small sandy beach is located near the historical Zoodochos Pigi Monastery, one of the top sights on the island. It’s very clean and quiet, with lots of sunbeds to offer. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun.

Poros beaches
Russian Bay | © Crabs Move Sideways

Russian Bay

This beautiful beach is located five kilometers west of Poros town, really close to Love Bay. Thanks to its unique location, Russian Bay is well protected from the winds. It’s probably the most famous Poros beach of all, but we didn’t really get the hype – it’s a little gritty and the taverna does that typically Greek thing of poking straight onto the “sands”. There is the historical site of the Russian Navy Base to see, and it’s a nice place to while away some hours before hitting the winding roadways into the heart of the island.

Poros beaches
Kanali beach | © Crabs Move Sideways

Kanali beach

One of the closest beaches to town, can be reached from the port by foot. It’s a small sandy beach with stunning views of the open sea. The beach offers lots of sunbeds and umbrellas for those who do not like laying on the sand. There are plenty of excellent tavernas nearby, too, with some of the best spilling out onto the shoreline just metres away.