While Phuket and Krabi might be the province of grilling meat skewers and endless ground-pork stir fries, their near neighbour of Koh Lanta still has just a dash of that hippy feel to it. The upshot is that the eateries that run from Saladan pier in the north to the more rural bays of the south are often veggie-friendly, while others are outright anti-meat. That was good to find for this travelling duo of herbivores. Our findings? Well, a selection of the best vegetarian restaurants in Koh Lanta all for thou…

vegetarian restaurants in Koh Lanta
Kunda Vegan Vegetarian Cafe | © Kunda Vegan Vegetarian Lanta/Facebook

Kunda Cafe Vegan Vegetarian

Kunda Cafe has risen to become on the most vaunted vegetarian restaurants in Koh Lanta. It’s sat on the main coast road close to the backpacker enclave of Khlong Khong, between the bamboo bars and hostels. From breakfast to dinner, you won’t be disappointed by the medley of uber-fresh and zingy salads, the fruity breakfast spreads and stacked burgers. The interior’s also cracking, all half al fresco and bursting with greenery; a fern here a cactus there. Oh, and there’s that interesting no tofu policy – the folk at Kunda prefer the more creative side of non-meat eating. Kudos.

Kunda Cafe Vegan Vegetarian, Moo 91/16, Koh Lanta Yai, Krabi, Klong Khong, Thailand

vegetarian restaurants in Koh Lanta
Happy Veggie | © Crabs Move Sideways

Happy Veggie

We arrived in Koh Lanta late and hungry. Already resigned to munching on 7/11 peanuts and whatever pad Thai noodles we could scrounge from the few street stalls that were open, we headed out. Cue Happy Veggie – our saviour, located right next to our hotel. We only had to walk 50 metres to be greeted with their menu of tofu and masaman made with potato. We had two top-class Thai dishes on the first night and returned to make the most of the breakfasts of scrambled eggs on sourdough bread in the morning. There’s even a vegan egg in the offing, apparently made of some tofu mix and veggies. Downsides include the wait, which can be more than 30 mins!

Happy Veggie, 4245, Tambon Sala Dan, Amphoe Ko Lanta

Fruit Tree Lodge & Coffee Shop

Now, we’re not entirely sure that Fruit Tree Lodge & Coffee Shop is totally veggie. We just know for sure that there’s a whole load of meat-free options on the menu. How? Well, let’s just say we became a tad obsessed with this spot. It’s calm and relaxing, with stripped-down interiors and muted colours, all placed perfectly along the street behind Long Beach. You’ll be taken by the uber-friendly staff before you even get to the food – a trademark Thai smile and the multi-lingual – we counted German, French, English and Thai in just one sitting – owner make it a great place to kick back in the morning. We only had breakfast there, which meant squishy sour dough bread and perfectly poached eggs, all topped off with some of the best mango smoothies and coffee we’d had in all of Thailand.

Fruit Tree Lodge & Coffee Shop, Pra-ae Village (Long Beach), Ko Lanta District, Krabi

Le Colibri

Dare we say it but Le Colibri is the best pizza on all of Koh Lanta. We know lovers of Ban Saladan will cry foul over that but hey, piss off. We also know that a pizza joint is a cheat on lists of meat-free spots. Again, piss off. Hit this swish looking place on the roadways leading north out of Long Beach and you won’t be disappointed. It’s just about the best that Thailand can do at mimicking the pizzas of Italy, with crispy, charred dough and good-quality cheeses to top it off. Italian owner? Check.

Le Colibri, Sala Dan, Ko Lanta District, Krabi

If you’re a veteran of this gorgeous Thai island – lucky, lucky – we’d love to hear your suggestions for other vegetarian restaurants in Koh Lanta. Smash em’ in the comments below to share.