Ah, Koh Jum. Beautiful, beautiful Koh Jum. Hidden out there on the eastern edge of the Andaman Gulf. Out there where few other travellers have eyes for anything other than loud Lanta and the beaches fringing Krabi Town. We’d like to thank you for three days of empty beaches and lapping waters, of photogenic tidal changes and soy-doused morning glories dolloped over sticky rice. We’d like to thank you for swimming in turquoise seas and yellow-hued sands shaded by leaning palm trees. Mhmm, there are countless reasons to visit Koh Jum island

Reasons to visit Koh Jum island
Andaman Beach, Koh Jum island | © Crabs Move Sideways

Andaman Beach

This is where we spent most of our time. See it and you won’t blame us. It runs for a couple of kilometres along the south-western edge of Koh Jum, hardly ever hosting more than just a handful of beachcombers. Every morning, we moseyed on down to the beige-coloured sands and hopped onto the beach to wander as the blue-green waters washed against our feet. There’s never a shortage of little spots to make your own. Unlike on Lanta or Phuket, you might not see anyone else for hours while lying and soaking up the rays.

Reasons to visit Koh Jum island
The Tidal Difference, Koh Jum island | © Crabs Move Sideways

That tidal difference

Okay, most people might think that a big tidal change isn’t becoming of beautiful tropical destinations. They say that pristine beaches should always have that photogenic look; should always be posing for whatever Nat Geo cameraman or Russian oligarch happens to come their way. We disagree. Koh Jum obliges. A tidal difference of around 100m or so might not sound like much but it’s big for the Andaman Sea. Every day, as the water draws back, it reveals a land of rocky beds and reefs, framing the Phi Phi islands in a sort of natural theatre of rocks to watch the sunset through.

The sunsets

Talking of sunsets, we come to yet another of the top reasons to visit Koh Jum island: The evening shows. Head down to the Andaman Resort on the seafront for one of the best spots (check out that funky garden of naked gnomes and neon-lit dragons). You can be sipping a Chang while the clouds coalesce over the tops of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh opposite. And then the sun hits the horizon right between the two, spreading pink-red rays across the Andaman Sea in a way that the folk over on Koh Lanta could only dream of.

Reason to visit Koh Jum island
The Locals, Koh Jum island | © Crabs Move Sideways

The locals

The locals have to be one of the main reasons to visit Koh Jum island. Forget horn-happy tuk-tuk drivers and pushy touts. The folk on this tiny isle are more concerned with morning smiles and cooking up a storm of soy-topped veggies. You’ll never be dragged into bars for beers you didn’t want. There’s no go-go gaudiness. Just homey, good-feeling vibes.

Friendly Guesthouse

An ear-to-ear smile and an uber-long kaaaaap welcomes everyone to Friendly Guesthouse. Oh, that and a duo of cats that should be puppy dogs and a garden full of swinging hammocks. If you find this place has space free, don’t hesitate to book. Granted, it might not look a la Ritz like some of the swankier beach resorts that line Andaman Beach and the northern shores. But who wants degustation and pruned English gardens here? Na, we’d prefer timber-built bungalows set to the sounds of tokay-ing geckos, rustling jungles and vocal cows, thank you very much.

Bonus reasons to visit Koh Jum island: WoodDen Bar

Top of the bonus reasons to visit Koh Jum island is one of our favs. The group of cigarette-smoking Thai men that sat hunched over their bamboo walls and wooden tables in this unnamed bar halfway down the main road of the island simply wouldn’t let us leave without a chat. A chat turned into a beer. A beer turned into two. We had renditions of Bob Marley and Dylan, The Eagles and more, and we strolled home under a starry sky. Great evening.

If you can think of any more reasons to visit Koh Jum island, be sure to add them into the comments below. This largely unknown island is bound to get busier in coming years, so it’s going to be changing a lot and we’d love to keep up with it all. Needless to say we’ll be going back.

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