There I am, sitting in an arbour of tropical palms and verdant ferns, tapping away on the laptop, listening to a ‘tokay’ of a gecko echo through the boughs. There’s a light breeze filtering between the bungalows from the drifting Pai River in the distance. I can barely hear it babbling away, moving slowly. Moving slowly like the pace of life in Pai itself. We’d been through lots of places to stay in Pai and decided where I was sitting was the top choice of all…

Places to stay in Pai
Pai Boutique Village | © Crabs Move Sideways

We thought we’d treat ourselves to one of the top places to stay in Pai. It was going to be my birthday the day we arrived. It was going to Asia’s the week after. We loosened the budget a little and now we’re reaping the rewards. We’re reaping the rewards in the form of a boutique bungalow shrouded in a pretty little patchwork of flowerbeds and blooming plants.

Inside, it’s Tarzan house meets swish B&B. Everything’s glazed bamboo. The bathroom is stripped-down concrete with touches of elegance – a monsoon shower, a wide sink space, bespoke cosmetics made locally. What we love is that it’s got all the extras of a boutique place but without the overt plushness of it.

Yep, in Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm, you can still feel as if you’re living the wild life in the midst of the Thai mountains. You can still feel as if you’re immersed in the untamed landscapes of waterfalls and gushing highland streams. You can feel it, just with a cushiony mattress and an aircon on the side.

Breakfast is something to look forward to, too. We only need to stride across the way and settle in for a medley of dragon fruit and papaya and yoghurt. It’s not long until our friendly waiter comes over and takes our order for eggs. Scrambled? Fried? Omelette? Whatever it is you like.

Places to stay in Pai
Pai Village Boutique | © Places to stay in Pai

The location of the Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm is proving another big bonus. It’s sat just a couple of metres from the end of the Pai Walking Street. It’s actually our favourite street in the town, awash with little cocktail joints and vegan cafes. Just opposite is the Pai Rabbit Café and that bustling night market is only around the corner.

Then there’s the real bonus of bedding down in the Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm, something that really does make it one of the best places to stay in Pai. But we’ve covered that in a whole other article – because it totally deserves it!

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